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Sample order

Sample order

Order a sample packet

This listing is for a sample packet. If you are interested in seeing some examples of my work (or a specific design) before you order, purchase this listing to get a physical sample from me.

Samples are for couples or planners who are interested in working together and may not be used for styled shoots or editorials.


Please include a note or email mentioning anything you are interested in, so I know what type of sample packet I should put together for you. If you'd like a sample of a specific design, please mention that. I do not always have the exact same sample on hand, as they are extras pulled from past projects and photoshoots. If I do currently have some with the right design details (the same design or one that's very similar) then I will to send it your way.

When putting together a sample packet, I try to include any details you are interested in, so please feel free to let me know anything you're considering. This includes details like specific designs from my collection, the same type of paper (weight, color and texture), ink colors, print methods (letterpress vs. digital vs. giclee), envelope colors and their flap styles (pointed, rounded point, straight across), etc.

Generally, samples do not include envelopes unless I have certain colors on hand that you mention you are interested in. Usually I order envelopes specifically for projects and do not have many leftover but if you are curious about something and I have it in the studio I will include it for you.


Here is an example of the kind of note that helps me put together a really solid sample packet:

"I'm interested in your Senna design, but with a color ink instead of with blind impression. I like the look of the light grey you used on the design you featured in your most recent Instagram post, and I'm also considering a sage green color. I am not sure what color envelope we'd like yet, but maybe vellum? We are also interested in digitally printed guest addressing with white on a darker colored envelope and would love to see a sample if you have one."

For that note I would include the following (based on availability):

1) Senna design if I have it, and if not then another invitation with a similar style font.

2) Any design samples I have with the ink colors mentioned (light grey and sage)

2) Whatever design they are referencing from my Instagram post if I have it

3) An envelope with some digital white ink addressing

I am super flexible about what is included because every project is different. Sometimes a sample is just one invitation, sometimes it is a full on assortment of pieces including ink swatches and envelopes, or even a couple different designs if you're debating between two. It really depends on what will help you get the right look and feel for what you're interested in, so please give me some insight into your vision. :) The goal with samples is to make sure you know exactly the level of quality you're getting and you can make decisions on colors and papers more easily because you have something physical to refer to for the look and feel of the design you are most interested in.