Minimal and artistic wedding invitations



If you choose a design from my existing collection, the turnaround time is quicker (2-3 weeks) and there is no custom design fee. Just send me an email letting me know your quantity and timeline and I will respond with your estimate. We can get started once I have your deposit, signed contract and wording. The remaining balance is due before I ship. All designs in my collection are semi-custom (I list what is customizable for each design. If you have some other minor modifications, want to add an illustration somewhere, or want to combine a couple elements from two of my designs that is totally doable).

I'm the type of designer who will tell you if I think you should change something, but I also respect that these are your pieces and this is your day. Finding that balance is tricky, but really important to me because I approach projects like a collaboration. You're not hiring me to reproduce something you found on Pinterest, you're hiring me to tailor these pieces to you, so while I'm super friendly I'm also pretty assertive about design direction and I care a lot about being a good fit stylistically. If shimmer paper is your jam, I'm probably not the designer for you. 

Want to go the fully custom route? That process starts with a meeting to talk about your vision. The design + printing process typically takes 4-6 weeks but I prefer to start earlier for custom projects if possible. 

If you'd like to go the custom route but need your pieces within 4 weeks, I may be able to accommodate you depending on my current schedule and how tight your turnaround needs to be but it will incur an additional rush charge of 20% and possible additional charges for expedited materials if necessary.


Anything custom starts with a meeting. This can be in person, over the phone, or via video. If we meet in person I'll bring along samples, but I can also mail samples if you'd like one but aren't in Colorado. Don't worry if you're not local - most people find me online and I ship invitations all the time (internationally too).

This meeting is for you to communicate what you're excited about. I want to hear you describe your vision for the day and find out what sort of atmosphere you want to cultivate. I always ask for 1-3 words that describe the feeling you'd like the event to have, and I use these to drive the design process. In this meeting we will also discuss your paper budget. I firmly believe almost any budget can have beautiful paper with the right design, material and printing choices. Depending on the print methods and paper used, custom design can sometimes be less expensive than a design from my collection. If you let me know what you're comfortable spending, I will help you find a beautiful way to work within that budget.

I know you're on Pinterest, and so am I, but you shouldn't be hiring me to copy someone else's design. If you find a pin you're in love with, you should contact that designer. Feel free to show me imagery you love, but please don't ask me to create something similar to someone else's work. Every creative does their best work when given the most creative freedom possible. You should always choose the creatives you work with because you feel a connection to their work; if you hire me you are trusting me to communicate your vision in a unique and awesome way that is consistent with my design aesthetic.

ESTIMATE / CONTRACT / Design process

After our meeting I'll send an estimate your way, and ask you to choose which options you'd like to move forward with. Once those are finalized I'll send a contract that outlines the scope of our project and an invoice for a 50% non-refundable deposit. The design process begins when I have your signed contract, 50% deposit and wording.

Your remaining balance will be due when the invitations are printed and ready to ship. 


I love working with couples from their save the dates onward, but I've worked on all sorts of projects in all stages- from every single paper piece to just the thank you cards. I usually handle save the dates, invitations, and day-of pieces in 3 separate phases for proofing and design. They'll all be cohesive, but their timelines are different. Day-of pieces include anything you need the day-of your wedding (and also thank you cards).